4 strategies for retaining IT talent

4 strategies for retaining IT talent

Some are calling it the turnover tsunami: One in four workers plans to quit their current jobs once the pandemic is over. That number jumps to one in three for Millennials and employees with children. As for the IT profession, a new survey by Blind, an anonymous social network popular with tech workers, found that almost half of their users (49%) plan to land a new position this year.

The headlines are attention-grabbing, but this has been a long time in the making. In fact, many companies were already dealing with high turnover before the pandemic. The past year may have delayed some employees’ plans, but renewed confidence in the future has them looking ahead and considering their options. Now that organizations have adjusted to the idea of remote and hybrid workforces, top IT talent has more opportunities to choose from than ever before.

As leaders, we’re at the proverbial fork in the road. We can choose to be victims of circumstance and resign ourselves to losing our best people. We can keep doing what we’ve always done and hope for different results (we all know how well that turns out). Or we can recognize that changing times offer us a great opportunity to reimagine how we inspire, grow and retain our workforces.

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