21 Mind Blowing Data Breaches of This Century

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21 Mind Blowing Data Breaches of This Century


We live in a world that is thoroughly interconnected through the internet. Untold amounts of data gets transferred every day, either via download or upload. Data is basically information, and it’s pretty easy to understand that there is a lot of important information out there that people would want to protect. A data breach occurs when this information is compromised and ends up in the hands of someone that could use it with some sort of malicious intent.

For most companies out there, there is nothing more frightening than a breach of security that results in theft of data. There are a lot of ways in which the breach can occur. After all, hackers have a variety of options and techniques in their toolkit, and pretty much all of these tools can be permanently damaging to a company’s reputation. However, you would be surprised to discover that one of the most common reasons that a data breach occurs is because of the fact that the person that got hacked did not put enough time and effort into fortifying the various security precautions that are put in place in order to guard against this very aspect.


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