14 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Display Human-Centric Leadership

14 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Display Human-Centric Leadership

As business leaders around the world rethink the future they had imagined for their companies, some may use this time as an opportunity to help their organizations to become more human-centric. In a recent Gallup survey of human resources executives regarding the internal changes COVID-19 has prompted their companies to make, researchers found that employees need four things to succeed: trust, stability, hope and compassion.

Keeping team members as healthy, happy and productive as possible, especially in trying times, means embracing a more human-centric leadership model that values employees more than profits. To help, 14 members of Forbes Coaches Council offer their best advice for entrepreneurs making this shift within themselves as leaders as they try to foster cultures that serve the needs of their people.

1. Start By Loving Yourself Unconditionally

First and foremost, entrepreneurs should realize that becoming more human-centric starts with unconditionally loving and accepting themselves, regardless of all their fears, brokenness and doubts. Only after they display a healthy self-love and learn to show unconditional compassion and care for themselves will entrepreneurs have the capacity to drive a human-centric organization. – Johan Slabbert, Johan Slabbert – Transpersonal Coach

2. Begin With Self-Reflection

Human-centric leadership begins with self-reflection. Mindful and embodied self-awareness creates a ripple effect of trust, authenticity and curiosity. These, in turn, lead to learning, co-creation, shared endeavor and results. – Julian Saipe, Julian Alexander & Associates

3. Shift To A Potential-Focused Development Process

Make the shift from an impersonal performance-development process to one that truly unleashes potential. How does each person in the organization view his or her ideal self? How does this job fit into their career trajectory and pursuit of building a life of their own choosing? Too many performance-management processes dehumanize employees and do not encourage them to show up as their full selves. – Julie Wilson, Academic Leadership Group, Inc.

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