10th Annual CIO Summit Insights Wow Attendees

10th Annual CIO Summit Insights Wow Attendees

ESG, tech, farmland, and geopolitics among top talks at this year’s two-day event.

A broad panoply of vital subjects, ranging from environment, social and governance (ESG) to infrastructure to emerging markets, got a good dose of analysis at our 10th Annual CIO Summit last week.

During this two-day gathering held at the Harvard Club in New York City, chief investment officers and other top financial professionals weighed in on several exciting topics and what they’re seeing in today’s ever-changing climate.

The summit, dubbed “Team Building and Smart Investing in a Topsy-Turvy World,” chewed over trends, opportunities, and problem areas. The attendees, several of which have been CIO Industry Innovation Award winners, covered innovations in tech, such as automation, the future of work, and how self-driving shared ride services will play into our daily lives.

They examined board and manager policies, as well as challenges CIOs are facing, such as talent retention, and how to best handle the political balance.

One example of an alternative investment area: farmland, which had been great for some, less so for others. How and when investors enter that sector are the crucial factors.

Emerging markets and geopolitics also generated lots of talk as CIOs and peers discussed where things are going globally, what’s attractive, and what’s worked for them in these areas given the current climate.

The CIO Summit also saw a variety of engaging presentations and fireside chats covering everything from big data to alts to geopolitics.

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