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Susanne Chishti is an entrepreneur, investor and innovative leader in the world of financial technology (fintech). She began her career in the tech industry 20 years ago with a Silicon Valley company named Tandem Computers (now part of HP).She has been in the fintech industry before the term was even created!
Since then Chishti has gained extensive leadership in the financial industry, serving as Vice President of Morgan Stanley, Project Manager of Lloyds Banking Group, and Global Project Manager for Deutsche Bank. In 2014 she founded and began serving as CEO of FINTECH Circle, Europe’s first Angel Network. FINTECH Circle is global community of FINTECH entrepreneurs, investors and thought-leaders on LinkedIn working with banks, insurance firms and technology providers who aim to collaborate with the best fintech companies to create long-term value for their customers and shareholders.
Chishti has continued to expand her influence. In 2015 she became the co-editor/author of the bestselling book “The FINTECH Book,” a crowd sourced book which was the first ever focusing on fintech globally. That same year she was recognized in the European Digital Financial Services `Power 50′ 2015, an independent ranking of the most influential people in digital financial services in Europe. She was also selected as top 15 FINTECH UK twitter influencer and as “City Innovator – Inspirational Woman 2016”.
Chishti serves as a great example of the impact that women can have in the STEAM industries. If you would like a chance to meet her and other great speakers you can do so at the Wonder Women Tech Conference in London, April 27-28. Tickets can be purchased here.
Susanne Chishti FINTECH Circle 2015
Wonder Women Tech (WWT): What inspired you to launch your company?
Susanne Chishti (SC): When I was a student I studied in Berkeley at a time the internet was being invented & I remember the excitement of tech entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley. I had this feeling again 20 years later in London with fintech. This time I wanted to be part of this revolution to improve financial services and founded FINTECH Circle. Now we are almost 60,000 members & followers globally and you can follow us on Twitter and join our LinkedIn Group to learn more about the fintech revolution. We will all benefit as it will make saving and investment easier and more fun and equally help small businesses to take out loans to grow their businesses without having to rely only on traditional bank branches for funding.
WWT: In what ways does your professional and/or personal mission align with the mission of Wonder Women Tech to highlight women and diversity in STEAM industries?
SC: My vision is about diversity and the empowerment of women to play an equal part in our society. In Finance and also in Fintech, this is not the case as both sectors are still white male dominated and not enough women are in leadership positions yet. Girls need to be inspired from childhood on to build things and to learn to code. As teenagers it’s important for them to see role models and being told how exciting and fun these careers in STEAM are so that they can pursue them further. Wonder Women Tech is about celebrating the power of diversity which I fully support.
WWT: Why did you choose to participate in the WWT London Conference and what sort of impact are you looking to make there?
SC: I look forward to participate in the WWT conference and hope to inspire other women to reach for the stars and gain the confidence to ask for a pay rise, a promotion or simply found their own business to make their dreams come true.
WWT: Why do you feel people should attend the WWT London Conference?
SC: To meet and network with like minded people and help and inspire each other.
WWT: What advice do you have for women looking to get into STEAM industries?
SC: Go for it, these industries are the future. Coding is just another language girls should learn. There is still so much unconscious bias out there against women or minorities, we all have to be alert that these biases are not coded into the future systems and algos which run selection processes etc. Thus diversity is key at all levels of an organization and
across all STEAM industries.
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