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What tech innovations will define 2018?

Tech innovation and digital transformation are impacting London like never before. Have your say on the innovations, opportunities and skills set to shape the London tech scene in 2018 by taking part in the TechXLR8 and London Tech Week Industry Insights Survey. One lucky participant of the 2018 Insights Survey will win a ticket to […]

Work Finder presents opportunity to inspire the next generation!

Great to be attending the exclusive event discussing how business and education must work together to inspire the next generation, provide them with work experience opportunities and empower them to explore the world of work on their own terms. Inspiring to hear from Founders4Schools’ Executive Chair Sherry Coutu CBE mission to introduce young people to inspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders. […]

German Economy Seeks a Tech Upgrade

When Christian Lindner stormed out of negotiations to form a new German government in Berlin this month, he pointed to what he said were 237 policy issues on which the four parties at the table had failed to agree after more than a month. But the reason the exasperated leader of the small pro-business Free […]

Norway’s biggest bank creates even bigger challenger

On Tuesday, senior management of DNB, Norway’s largest bank and one of the biggest in the Nordic region, presented to investors in London ambitious plans to lift return on equity from 10.6% for the first nine months of 2017 to 12% in 2019 and to cut an already impressive cost/income ratio of 43.8% down to under 40%. […]

Artificial intelligence goes bilingual—without a dictionary

Automatic language translation has come a long way, thanks to neural networks—computer algorithms that take inspiration from the human brain. But training such networks requires an enormous amount of data: millions of sentence-by-sentence translations to demonstrate how a human would do it. Now, two new papers show that neural networks can learn to translate with no […]

Bringing more women to Tech careers

Technology is a booming industry in the United Kingdom, accounting for 12.5% of the country’s GDP and creating jobs at nearly three times the rate of the rest of the economy. However, only 17% of these jobs goes to women, according to a recent research by The Tech Partnership, an organisation focused on developing skills […]

The IT Function in the Digital Age

“What does digital mean for the IT function, and how can your IT function transform to adapt?” The identity of IT within an organisation is amid a seismic shift thanks to the myriad developments in technology, consumer behaviour and business best practice. These developments include: The increasing desire for an Optimum, Uncompromised Technology Experience for staff and […]

The Digital IT Function of the Future

The business environment for the future will be characterised by even more dynamic working practices, boundless agility and rapid time to market. The Digital IT Function will be shaped dramatically by these changes. We combined our industry knowledge with the views of our clients to create a picture of the digital IT function of the […]

Driving extraordinary business outcomes

DWP is currently delivering the biggest changes for more than 60 years, helping more people move into and progress in work, whilst supporting the most vulnerable. Our digital transformation efforts are making DWP services simpler and faster for the department’s 22 million customers. We’re reimagining user experiences, making DWP more effective and efficient, and improving […]

The 17%: Addressing the diversity challenge in tech

The ‘17%-Banking on Diversity in Tech’ was an event held by Digital Leaders and Women in Banking and Finance to re-examine the ‘leadership capabilities’ needed to transform the sectors, and to look how future leadership could become more diverse, digitally-enabled & agile. Head of Projects and Strategic Change, Sam Notley and Strategic Partnership Manager, Laura Fox-Newby, attended the event to see how […]

How to reap the much-hyped benefits of Agile

Listening to Ciarán Hanway and Ian Johnson’s webinar “Becoming Agile – Building better, delivering sooner” made me reflect on a number of my experiences working in both agile, waterfall and hybrid environments, and the common challenges that organisations from all sectors and sizes run into. We work with clients in both public and private sector organisations […]

The inside story of how David Cameron drove Britain to Brexit

On 24th November, Ivan Rogers gave a lecture at Hertford College, Oxford on David Cameron, having worked as Permanent Representative of the UK to the European Union while Cameron was Prime Minister. The talk was part of a Prospect/Hertford series on PMs since Margaret Thatcher and their relationships with the continent. Rogers warns of the Brexit challenges ahead: “All we […]
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