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The UK government’s new apprenticeship levy comes into effect today. According to the government, the levy will fund 3 million new apprenticeships by 2020 with companies spending £3 billion a year to contribute to the funding. Commenting on the start today of the apprenticeship levy, Trades Union Congress General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “It’s good news for […]

UKtech50: Graeme Hackland, IT director, Williams F1

In this video from Computer Weekly’s 2016 UKtech50 event, Graeme Hackland, IT director, Williams F1 shares his five tips for good leadership. As part of the UKtech50 presentations, speakers were asked to share either five great ideas for innovation or their top five great ideas for leadership. The aim of the UKtech50 was to identify […]

Building the first national framework of digital, data and technology job roles

Government is going through major transformation and as a result there are more exciting career opportunities than ever before. Departments offer technical professionals the chance to work on meaningful, complex and world-leading digital projects which are truly career enhancing. The challenge we face In 2016, the Digital, Data and Technology Profession was commissioned by the Civil Service […]

Digital revolution has left the dinosaurs dying in its wake

Commentators at the World Economic Forum coined the phrase “the fourth industrial revolution” to describe the rapid adoption of new technologies enabled by the digital revolution at the turn of the century. In a broad sense, this refers to companies that integrate technology more effectively and accelerate business capabilities in artificial intelligence, mobility, automation and […]

2017: The year cybersecurity went mainstream

Last year saw a huge increase in cyber-related incidents, including big data breaches, physical infrastructure tampering, Internet of Things (IoT) devices turning on their owners, ransomware, and even allegations of election hacking that captured the public’s attention. Sometimes it seems there’s no way that enterprises and governments can effectively stop the rising tide of cyberattacks. […]

Women of Wearables

  After a brilliant time at the Wearable Tech Show where we met amazing Tom Emrich from We Are Wearables Canada, hosted a panel with some of our WoW women and interviewed incredible wearable tech companies, we celebrated an impromptu International Women’s Day event at the show bringing all our women together for some drinks […]

How to Hire Like a Pro

When I hired a professional CEO to replace me as CEO of the publishing company I started, I expected him to make a lot of changes. But I honestly thought our hiring process was pretty good. The third day our new CEO (JT McCormick) told me and my co-founder: “We need to hire at least […]

Why “Personal Branding” is Here to Stay

The term personal brand is one that always makes me quiver. The concept has now been around quite a long time, and ultimately is not rocket science, but amazingly enough it is still a concept that many people are challenged by. Whether it is just the term itself that makes you quiver as it does […]

Why Brexit Doesn’t Mean Exit for Employers

“Now, more than ever, we need Government and businesses to put people and skills development at the heart of their thinking.” There’s so much at stake, so many opportunities and so many risks if we get it wrong – everything is at stake from our future trade systems to basic workplace rights for our workers. […]
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