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Getting You Motivated in September

How has your Summer been? I had a truly memorable two weeks with my family in amazing Thailand. I had my first experience of a hillside elephant trek, was struck by the serenity of grand temples housing gigantic Buddha statues and ended the trip navigating the crazy busy streets of Bangkok. The true highlight was […]

An Introduction to the Esports Ecosystem

Unlike the majority of traditional sports leagues, esports companies wear multiple hats within the industry – simultaneously working as competition organisers, rights holders and content creators. A single organisation can be responsible for financing a tournament through brand partnerships, creating broadcasts around it, and distributing that content (sometimes exclusively) to streaming platforms. This introduction to the […]

“Diversity” Is Not Enough

The way we’re forced to define affirmative action has opened the door to its endangerment. Americans have never ceased arguing over the merits of inclusion and diversity, but two recent events have reinvigorated those debates. And unexpectedly, they have also revealed—or perhaps re-emphasized—the limits of “diversity” as a justification for programs of racial and gender […]

Unconscious Bias And Emotional Resilience

Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Psychologists, holistic therapists, psychiatrists and individuals involved in the mental health field, and other caring professionals work in roles where good interpersonal skills are vital for the quality of service they deliver. Interpersonal skills such as listening and thinking about how the other person may be feeling are fundamental. Caring for another is […]

This is what will keep us human in the age of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making speedy progress in acquiring skills that were previously regarded as exclusively human. Whether it’s beating masters at the ancient game of Go or getting better and better at autonomous driving, the many emerging forms of computer intelligence are giving us pause as a species. AI is real and it’s the […]

Three-fourth IT employees dissatisfied

Hyderabad: Increasing competition and high stress levels seems to be having an effect on the satisfaction levels of many employees. According to a recent survey that about 70 per cent of employees are dissatisfied with their salary structure as it is not in line with market standards. Hyderabad-based end to end online recruitment and career solutions […]

Disney to start online streaming, bypassing Netflix

Media giant Walt Disney plans to start its own online streaming services in the US for movies, shows and sports in a shift aimed at bringing productions directly to consumers. The plans come as the firm grapples with falling television subscriptions and challenges from online video. It will launch an ESPN-branded sports service early next […]

We’re hiring across the Recruitment Spectrum!

We have some exciting  career opportunities for consultants who wish to work for a company with a difference. We’re looking for  business development consultants, experienced recruiters, resource consultants and entry level research / marketing consultants. Experience of  Diversity recruiting or someone looking for training in this area would be great. This is a permanent position where […]

IT companies have the worst HR departments, survey finds

Results come as memo from Google engineer claims ‘biological differences’ are to blame for lack of women in tech IT firms have the least effective HR departments, according to a new survey based on staff feedback. The study by workplace feedback platform ViewsHub, based on the opinions of 50,000 employees, found that HR departments in […]

Top 5: Reasons not to be scared by automation

According to a 2017 Randstad Employer Brand Research survey of US workers, 76% do not fear their job will be replaced by a machine. But why is this when there’s so much bad news surrounding automation? Here are five reasons: 1. People are up for retraining as long as pay isn’t cut. Despite what you may […]
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