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The Princes Trust is hiring

The Prince’s Trust is expanding their reach in Education and is recruiting Volunteer & Secondment Executives and Programme Executives to help raise aspirations of children in London, Scotland, Yorkshire, the North West, West Midlands and South East. They are seeking 3 individuals to join their London & South East regional Volunteer Management Teams to take […]

LendIt Europe 2017

Europe’s Largest International Lending & Fintech Event 9-10 October 2017 • InterContinental London—The O2 • London “LendIt is a must for anyone who wants to keep on top of P2P lending and for those who want to catch up with the people and companies making it all happen.” TIM SLESINGER CEO, LendingWell “LendIt Europe 2016 provided […]

Wall Street regulator sets sights on digital coin offerings

Wall Street’s main regulator said on Tuesday that initial coin offerings (ICOs), a means of crowdfunding for blockchain technology companies, should be subject to the same safeguards required in traditional securities sales. ICOs have become a bonanza for digital currency entrepreneurs, allowing them to raise millions quickly by creating and selling digital “tokens” with no […]

Women in Tech Speak Frankly on Culture of Harassment

Their stories came out slowly, even hesitantly, at first. Then in a rush. One female entrepreneur recounted how she had been propositioned by a Silicon Valley venture capitalist while seeking a job with him, which she did not land after rebuffing him. Another showed the increasingly suggestive messages she had received from a start-up investor. […]

AI Goes to be the Next Top Priority for CIOs

Globally the use of Artificial Intelligence is increasing at a faster pace. If this trend continues, by 2020 AI will be penetrating almost every software product and service. Consequently, AI goes to be the next top priority for CIOs. GARTNER ON AI FUTURE American research and advisory firm Gartner published a piece on AI future. […]

Inside Amazon’s giant new UK HQ in London

Amazon has opened a new UK headquarters in London to support its growth in the country. The Principal Place building, based on the fringes of Shoreditch and the City of London, boasts 15 storeys and 600,000 sq ft. It’s unclear how many staff the office will be able to accommodate but an Amazon webpage that was amended over […]

Major new cyber security innovation centre for London

Up to £14.5m will be made available to develop the centre Will see established firms working alongside cutting-edge startups Big boost for capital’s booming tech sector which has had £5.6bn investment this year London is also home to newly created National Cyber Security Centre London will cement its place as a world-leader in the fight against […]

The one law of robotics: Humans must flourish

The science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov wrote about controlling intelligent machines with the three laws of robotics: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm A robot must obey orders given to it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the first […]

SAP’s Millennial CIO: Guiding principles for user-centric IT

Operational excellence, delivering projects on-time and within budget, is no longer the goal of IT, but has become the bedrock on which the CIO must build user trust and confidence. Collaboration with stakeholders to prioritize IT activities according to business needs is the hallmark of modern CIOs. The shift from CIO as a technical caretaker […]

You Don’t Really Know How (Un-)Talented You Are, According To Science

First, the good news: There’s a spate of new technologies to help companies measure and predict their employees’ talents, and it’s only a matter of time before artificial intelligence becomes a normal part of the hiring process. But now for the bad news: Those innovations have to surmount one pretty big obstacle first—human intuition. The fact is that people just […]
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