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Killer robots: Experts warn of ‘third revolution in warfare’

More than 100 leading robotics experts are urging the United Nations to take action in order to prevent the development of “killer robots”. In a letter to the organisation, artificial intelligence (AI) leaders, including billionaire Elon Musk, warn of “a third revolution in warfare”. The letter says “lethal autonomous” technology is a “Pandora’s box”, adding that time […]

Five reasons cyberattacks succeed

Security professionals have named the main reasons why cyberattacks are successful, providing insight into what public sector organisations need to do to protect themselves. Malware protection specialist Lastline surveyed attendees at the Black Hat 2017 security conference in Las Vegas and found that nearly 55% of respondents have suffered a cyberattack within their respective organisations, with 20% […]

The drivers behind smart city success

An infographic published by Smart & Resilient Cities has shed some light on smart cities and the drivers behind their success. By looking at who should drive forward smart cityimplementation, the factors that drive success, how data is shared and what smart initiatives are the most popular, it’s hoped to provide guidance to authorities around the world. Smart […]

Can AI Figure Out That You Secretly Suck At Your Job?

While you’re busy worrying whether a robot is going to take your job, some companies are building tools to better measure how well you do it. Machine learning is already doing an increasing variety of work, from chatbots that answer customer-service questions and screen job candidatesto systems that analyze employee data that an HR department would otherwise track across dozens of spreadsheets […]

The Top 20 Tech Companies by Revenue Per Employee

Whether the goal is to organize the world’s information or to build an algorithm that makes millions of lives easier, pretty much every tech company in existence aims to leverage software in some way to do the types of jobs that would otherwise be impossible or uneconomical for humans to do. Tapping into the properties […]

100% of government IT workers said employees are biggest threat to cybersecurity

The government sector lags behind others in implementing modern cybersecurity defenses, according to a new report from security firm Netwrix. This failure to update has led to an increase in breaches: 72% of government entities worldwide had their security compromised in 2016, the report found. And only 14% of government organizations consider themselves to be well-protected against […]

Meet Snap’s Secret Weapon: Digital Avatar Maker Bitmoji

On an overcast morning in June, a dozen or so young illustrators and animators gather in the lunchroom at the Bitstrips offices, located in an unassuming industrial building in Toronto’s swiftly gentrifying Queen Street West neighborhood. The occasion is the creative department’s twice-weekly brainstorming session, known internally as a Bitmojam, during which a new crop […]
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