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An Inside Look at the Habits of Millennial Shoppers

Oh, Millennials. That unique group that seems constantly to be on marketers’ minds. What are they up to these days? They are shopping and engaging, but in ways different from previously generations, according to an infographicby MergeIn. Some 39% of Millennials post reviews of products or brands, and this generation is more likely to listen to and connect […]

The Future of the Internet

It’s 50 years ago, almost to the day, that the Internet’s heart began to beat. At first it was a barely detectable flutter, registering – of all places – in Teddington. In 1967 the UK’s National Physical Laboratory in Teddington conducted a revolutionary experiment in packet switching – the transmission and re-transmission of data around […]

Data laws to be made fit for digital age

The Government has today outlined vital protections and flexibilities for the nation’s world-leading research, financial services, journalism and legal services as part of its plans to update data protection legislation for the modern era. Bill will introduce safeguards to prevent and detect fraud, protect the freedom of the press, allow scientific research and maintain the integrity […]

7 Cybersecurity Questions Every Leader Should Ask

I recently interviewed the former CIO for the White House (under the Bush administration), Theresa Payton, about why marketers must start engaging in cybersecurity before crises like the recent Equifax cybersecurity incident emerge. As the current CEO of Fortalice Solutions, a cybersecurity and intelligence consulting firm that helps businesses and government organizations protect themselves from emerging threats, I turned […]

Over the Moon: A Love Story of Art and Tech

I grew up with the space program. NASA was founded in 1958, when I was a young girl, and like most schoolchildren across the U.S., those early astronauts — Alan Sheppard, John Glenn — stole my heart, and my imagination. Anything felt possible, in those days. If Americans could land on the moon, where couldn’t […]

London Fashion Week September 2017 Facts and Figures

On Friday London Fashion Week (LFW) opens to welcome over 5,000 guests, from international press to buyers, broadcasters, influencers and industry insiders from over 70 countries. This will be the 66th edition of London Fashion Week which runs from Friday 15 – Tuesday 19 September 2017 at The Store Studios, 180 Strand. Featuring 85 catwalk […]
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