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What we mean by “digital”

Written by Myra Hunt, Chief Digital Officer at DEFRA We took over as Defra’s joint Chief Digital Officers back in July. Since then, we’ve spent a lot of time meeting a lot of different people at all levels around the organisation, asking questions and listening. One thing that’s emerged is that not everyone shares the […]

Reflections on diversity in tech

Written by Vivienne Artz, President of WIBF 300 people, mainly women, and mainly young women at that, gathered in one venue made for an engaging, fascinating, illuminating day at the 17% Banking on Diversity in Tech event on Thursday 2nd November. Collaboration by Lloyds Banking Group, Digital Leaders and Women in Banking and Finance made […]

Technology for the many

Written by Chris Yiu, Senior Policy Fellow for Technology at the Tony Blair Institute This post follows the launch of TBI’s first major publication on tech policy. You can read the full report here, and a foreword by Tony Blair here. The defining characteristic of the modern era is change, particularly change driven by advances in technology. […]

What Global Finance Chiefs Are Saying About the Economy

Don’t celebrate too soon. That was the key message as policy makers and investors left Washington on Sunday after attending the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. For once the mood was upbeat. The IMF bumped up its forecast for global economic growth this year and next. Stocks are surging, credit spreads are […]

Citigroup Bets Millions on U.K. Mortgage Lender

Brexit may be roiling Westminster and inflating prices on supermarket shelves, but don’t tell that to financial institutions eyeing the U.K.’s burgeoning online-lending industry. In the latest sign of confidence in the sector, Citigroup Inc. has agreed to provide a fintech firm called LendInvest Ltd. with funding for mortgages, the startup said in a statement Wednesday. Four-year-old […]

Don’t fear the robots right now

Visions of robots taking over might still be the stuff of science fiction with the channel finding a role to play helping customers use the AI and automation tools that are around now There has been a lot of talk about robots and the threat they potentially pose to mankind. One school of thought has […]

Anna Wintour is ‘most powerful woman’ in media

Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour is the most powerful woman in media and entertainment, according to Forbes magazine. Dame Anna has earned a reputation as one of fashion’s most influential, and formidable, commentators. The famous fashion boss is also the artistic director of Vogue’s publisher Conde Nast. She is joined on the prestigious list by the […]

Why Space Data Is The New Big Data

Space Data is about to get big. Thanks to the growing sophistication and falling cost of satellites, more businesses than ever are looking to the “final frontier” for insights which can be put to use here on Earth. That’s the conclusion of a report that has just been published by Sparks & Honey. The trend forecasters surveyed […]

Breaking UK tech’s gender divide

Women now outnumber men at undergraduate level in medicine and the biological sciences. But in the physical sciences, the pattern is different: according to Ucas, only 23% of students starting physics degrees in 2016 were women, while for engineering, the figure was 17%. Women also leave science and engineering careers in greater numbers than men: only 1 […]

How “Big Data” Went Bus

ive years ago—in February 2012—an article in the New York Times’ Sunday Review heralded the arrival of a new epoch in human affairs: “The Age of Big Data.” Society was embarking on a revolution, the article informed us, one in which the collection and analysis of enormous quantities of data would transform almost every facet of […]
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