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The Companies With The Most STEM Job Openings Right Now

It’s no secret that technical jobs pay well and are in high demand in America, and it’s easy to assume most of those roles sit in Silicon Valley. But today, organizations need people with skills in science, technology, engineering and math across a wide variety of industries and geographies. Forbes worked with careers site Indeed to find the companies hiring […]

High-performing teams: A timeless leadership topic

CEOs and senior executives can employ proven techniques to create top-team performance. The value of a high-performing team has long been recognized. It’s why savvy investors in start-ups often value the quality of the team and the interaction of the founding members more than the idea itself. It’s why 90 percent of investors think the quality […]

Nurturing a tech-literate generation

The UK tech sector is leading the way in protecting children online, and helping to promote Safer Internet Day Today, 7 February 2017, marks Safer Internet Day 2017(#SID2017). For 24 hours, industry, government and the general public will unite to highlight the challenges and opportunities for young people online, and help affect the critical thinking, knowledge, […]

Cyber security training must reflect real risks, warns the IISP

In the rush to skill-up through cyber security training, the IISP warns businesses may go down the wrong track, resulting in a false sense of security Companies should invest wisely in cyber security training, carefully considering the quality and real benefits, advises the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP).Following the recent wave of global cyber attacks, the IISP believes […]

9 Steps to Designing a Diverse Workplace

Encouraging those from diverse backgrounds, be they social, ethnic, sexual orientation, disability and so on, to pursue a career in your company can help give your business a competitive advantage. The diversification of a business’ employees fosters innovation, creativity, and excellent performance. The benefits are incalculable: for individuals, families, communities, companies, and the economy and […]

7 Steps Which Can Improve Workplace Diversity For Free

First of all what does a diverse workforce mean and why is it important? If you’re looking to improve diversity in the workplace it’s essential to understand this! Before being involved in a diversity scheme I had a perception that ‘diversity’ programs were introduced to improve male to female and ethnic ratios. Actually, diversity goes far […]

How to Identify Creativity During Interviews

It is every employer’s dream to have a team that is self-driven, sets new goals and comes up with new ways to explore their challenges. They are the creative type, who value self-expression and consider fulfilment of their passion as a reward on its own. If you are one, you know what I’m talking about. […]

UK firms still relying on perimeter defences for cyber security

Despite the increasing number of data breaches and the looming GDPR compliance deadline, many companies are still relying on perimeter defences and are underinvesting in technologies to keep data safe, research has revealed Some 96% of UK businesses feel as though their network perimeter security is effective at keeping unauthorised users out of their network, according to […]
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