After finishing the Global Woman Summit on 3 – 4 June, a big success in Albania, we organised another successful event with Global Woman Club in Paris. Then in July we had a big conference in London with The business Woman Today on 12 July, followed by our last breakfast event on 17th July which was so inspiring.

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You may think that August for us was a break… Yes we took a break from the Global Woman Club London in August, but we engaged in creative activity with our Global Woman Club ambassadors at a retreat in Albania.

The founder of Global Woman, Mirela Sula, travelled from London; Connie Lee travelled from Paris, Giovana Vega travelled from Amsterdam and Ellen Bjerkehag from Stockholm to come together for brainstorming sessions and to discuss the strategies for Global Woman Club, with events being held in these countries during September.

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Now back in London and ready to start with Inspirational Awards for women on the 8th September.




Global Woman Club is an ever growing network where members enjoy many benefits, including the delightful breakfast served in a grand setting in the heart of bustling London. What we really love about the Global Woman platform is that it brings together a high quality of women from all around the world and they feel comfortable with each other….. In every gathering we feel that we are returning back home.

Join us for our Business Breakfast Event – Tuesday 12 September 2017 from 8.30am to 11.30am. Held in a private dining space at Savini at Criterion, 224 Piccadilly, London W1J 9HP (Pedestrianised area, facing the world famous Statue of Eros – the God of Love, as you exit from Piccadilly Circus station).

On arrival, help yourself to tea or coffee or orange juice followed by a very special buffet breakfast selection prepared for us by the master chef at Savini’s, and meet and greet with each other.


Mirela Sula, your host and organiser, will start the event at 9.00am and then club members are all given the opportunity to speak for a short time to the room. (First time attendees can sign up on the day and immediately enjoy the additional benefits). You can share your personal story, your mission and/or vision, and talk about your business. There is no set order for speakers, some prefer to speak earlier, others later. After about an hour there is a break for a drink, pick from the healthy fruit plate, select a croissant or muffin, and engage with others in conversation. We then gather everyone together and ask you to smile or wave for the group picture! After that, back to your seats and the second half for speaking to the room. This has an end time of 11.30am and many choose to stay for a little while afterwards for further conversations, or with second half speakers that they have felt a connection with. (We leave the room by 12.00). Members can leave brochures or leaflets on the table by the entrance/exit or on the chairs during the break.


The room is always full with around 35 people and every seat is taken, so if you arrive early you can pick where you want to sit. (Oh, and book early too to be sure of an entry ticket).

What makes the Global Woman Club breakfast so special?

It has evolved from Global Woman magazine, sharing so many great and inspirational stories and often bringing these women together to connect and share in person. Speak to anyone who has attended and they will say that it is unique and different to any other networking event they have been to. It has a warm, relaxed and supportive energy, and everyone is open and authentic. It is about building relationships and seeking mutually beneficial collaborations from a rich cultural diversity of women, very successful in what they do, but in such a broad range of professions and businesses. They include PhD graduates in science, engineering and psychology, musicians, authors, property investors, entrepreneurs in a diverse range of businesses, ayurvedic practitioners and even a Harley Street doctor!

What they share in common is to serve a social and human good and purpose in whatever they do. For the entrepreneurs, it is to profit with a purpose. For career professionals, it is to succeed with a purpose. We often refer to it as the ‘Life purpose’.

It is the combination of all these magical ingredients that sprinkle a glowing sense of empowerment and happiness. United we are stronger and ready to face any challenges we are experiencing or may meet.

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