4 Ways to Promote Gender Equality in the Workplace

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Despite the strides we have made in gender equality, female workers still get paid less than their male counterparts, with women significantly underrepresented in senior management roles. Discrimination and unequal pay is illegal, but the facts show that we still face huge obstacles in equal opportunities, and employers play a vital role in overcoming these hurdles. The glass ceiling is hard, but surely breakable, and through a number of actions, your company can cast the stones to the invisible barriers.

1. Transparency in the pay gap

The gender pay gap remains a prominent issue, and the clearest example of gender equality at the workplace. Openness and transparency with pay figures in your company is the first step in tackling any workplace inequalities identified. Assessing where men and women do work of equal value and re-structuring the difference between those unjustified gaps is one start. However to really understand the causes, you need to reflect on the figures more broadly.

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